26 November 2018


 November 26, 2018

November 8th, 2018

I spent hours this morning looking for universities and programs I could be interested in. (I mean I gotta do something else with my life once I’m done being an AuPair.) However, it ended with a heavy sign, heavy heart and a walk to the fridge for some Nutella toast. I started cleaning up the apartment because that’s what I do when I feel like all those thoughts in my head are spinning around like they’re partying on a carousel. If my inside world is unstable and crazy, let me at least fix the outside. After 30 minutes I decided to give it another try – which of course did not work out – I ended up watching that Netflix Christmas movie which has been in my recommendations for days. I wish I could just open a door each day and my life would magically be led by an advent calendar. Well… that’s not gonna happen so what should I do?
My morning continued. The cat walked around on my keyboard, it got frickin’ cold because both windows were open and it had 32 degrees out (0 Celsius for my Austrian people) and I managed to be done with my pizza leftovers by 11:30am. What an accomplishment.
I want to get into the Business and Marketing world that is out there… not yet investigated by moi. Therefore, a degree in business or marketing sounds quite reasonable. That would answer one question but many more followed. Where should I study? Which Universities have a good reputation? How much is it going to be? Can I get a student loan? Am I really interested in Accounting and Finance? Where am I gonna live? How long is the program? WTF is the difference between Business and Marketing, Marketing Management and Business Management? I’d be the person to put that into one category. I just like it when things are simple and easy. Looking for the right school and the right program? Far from being simple and easy. Anyhow after crossing out Oxford and Cambridge (let’s just be realistic here) I was able to find 5 Universities and – more or less – happily filled out my UCAS application.

November 17th, 2018

So after I filled out my UCAS application as I already mentioned – being oh so excited about the universities I found – I searched my way through the world wide web and found out that 3 of those schools had bad reviews. Usually I’m the type of person “studying is as valuable as you make it” or something like that but this time it was important for me to be absolutely sure. To be sure that I’m going to spend the next three or four years learning from professors that have been in the field and they know what they’re talking about, living in a nice part of London and that I can go to a school that’s organized and its reputation is not poor. I’m making myself sound like a snob here but I know how thankful and grateful I am to be in this position.
So while I had my weekly, whiney and personal babbel about stuff that annoys or bothers me talk (props go to my mom and hostmom here – you rock) I figured that speaking to someone would be the only solution to my misery. Slight exaggeration on my end here but I gotta keep it real here. Luckily my hostfamilies friend’s are from the UK and they kindly offered to help me with my UCAS application. A few days later we talked, discussed, talked some more and I ended up having 5 schools I felt comfortable with.

November 25th, 2018

However, it wouldn’t be me if there wasn’t something off. I wasn’t 100% sure about all of them so I did a little more research. After a few adjustments here and there I felt comfortable with my choices. Finally.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that asking people for help is sometimes the easiest way to go. It helped me a lot and also made me feel more comfortable with what I’ve been doing. Sometimes I don’t trust my research outcomes for some reason + I tend to make things way more complicated than they are. Even though I like things easy I have a tendency to make it all more confusing and then I get stuck on the 15th tab I opened about the same university only to read the information I already had for the third time.

Whatever. I made it. Also when it’s tricky for me to ask for help (I know, weird) it sometimes is the best solution to get questions answered efficiently and fast. Not only in this situation but generally talking to people who have experienced what I’m so curious about, or what I’d like to do, is probably better than any advice google can give me.


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