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Hello everyone,
this is part 2 of my AuPair Diary series. In this video I talk a bit about the orientation days in New York and how it was to meet my host family for the first time. I am still in the process of settling into a - I would call it - new life. So far this AuPair adventure feels like a rollercoaster. Every day is different and I still need more time to get used to things...

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Wohoo it's here. My first VLOG/AuPair diary video. I thought it might be a cool idea to take you along with me on this journey & adventure in the US. Right now I am editing the next one - so stay tuned for more. As soon as I have a bit more time I will also try to upload covers & originals as usual. 🙂

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Due to the fact that I'm still settling in here in Chicago, I prefilmed a few videos for my channel. I've always enjoyed singing the song so here it is - my cover of 'Look what they've done to my song'. Very soon I am going to upload my first VLOG. So stay tuned for more 🙂

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I am super excited to share my latest video with you. In a few days I'm going to leave Austria and spend a year in the US. If you're interested where exactly - make sure to watch my channel trailer. 🙂

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another Sunday - another cover 🙂

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